I`m thankful for my friend Alexa.  Alexa has been there for me since one day . I can trust Alexa with everything whatever I told her. Alexa always make me happy, smile lot and laugh.

Alexa always make me happy, smile lot and laugh.Whenever i`m sad or cry. She face-time make sure if i`m okay. Alexa always try make me laugh or make me smile. We always laugh at anything.

remote learning

Remote Learning is hard. Student is hard to understand their teacher about work. students get on the meet two per week. Student don’t listen to their teacher.

student is hard to understand their teacher about works. Some teacher lagged on the meet . Sometime WiFi go so slowed that you cant never hear your teacher. its hard to understand their homework.

Students get on the online two days per week. Sometime student go to school for two days per week. Student hate do online for two per week. Student love do online tow days per week.



i think remote learning day is hard. This hard for sometime students don’t even understand to their homework and student get on meet per two week and student don’t listen to their teacher because they on phone or do something else. I think they should get take remote learning away.


The world will end by killing animals. The animals are getting killed by wildfire in the forest. if we losing animals then we wont have meals.  Then we wouldn’t have nothing to eat . The peoples will dead by not eating. 2019 we lost all animals in the wildfire. We shouldn’t have wildfire anymore. The wildfire are killing our animals. The world will end by animals getting killed.


New years

In next year, I could change three thing in this world. I want to change to sleep less. I could change to play less video games.I want to change to spent time with my family.

The first thing I should start sleeping less. I should take nap for 2 or 3 hour. when I awoke up I should take a shower.  I should drink a smoothie.


The other thing I should play less video. I should to go outside more. I should stop be lazy every time. I should clean the house.

The last thing I should start spent time with my family. i should have fun my family every time. I should be my family then friend last. i should go place with my family.




Thankful !

I am thankful for family.

its is family care about me .

I see my family loves me.

I love their smiles and theirs hug

I am thankful my family.


I feel happy have new friend.

I wonder if They love me.

I try be there for them.

I can make them laugh a lot.

I am Thankful for friends.


I know love to watch tv.

I understand watching too much Tv.

Im fortunate because I have a Tv.

i dream watching tv whole time.

i am thankful for tv.

World Peace .

I want world peace. I want freedom. I don´t want no possessions. i want no more countries.

I want freedom for the world. I want to free the slave. I want white and black people to be friendly. I want everybody want be friendly each other.

I don´t want no possession in our worlds. People don´t want share their land. People don´t want share to us. People don´t want share anything to us.

i don´t no more counties in this world. i don´t want counties fight each other. i don´t want People fight each other.

that is why we need a peace world.

i wish we could a peace world.

Our class went on Nature walk.

Our class went on nature walk. we get lost in the wood. we went to the creek. we saw big insects.

Edwin and Michael get us lost. Edwin and Michael was lead us in the wood. We followed the creek. We end it get end in the wood.

We went to the creek. We saw biggest creek. We saw some fish in the creek. I saw a snake skin in creek.

We saw a big insects on the trees. There was a insects suck on the web. I and Edwin take down the web.

we went on our best nature wood. we went in wood. we saw biggest creek. we saw a big insects on the tree. I hope you don’t go on nature walk by yourself.